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We are old, older than thought in our species, which is itself fifty times older than our history. Though we have been on earth for ages we are from the stars...

Since it is not easy for ourselves to recognize other varieties of intelligence around us, our most advanced theories of politics and society have advanced only as far as the notion of collectivism...

But beyond the cohesion of the members of a species into a single social organism there lie richer and even more baroque evolutionary possibilities...

Crumb - Jinx LP Album Art

Album art for Crumb's "Jinx" LP, 2019

Emanuel and the Fear - Primitive Smile LP Album Art

Album art for Emanuel and the Fear's "Primitive Smile" LP, 2016

Emily Brandt
A Man's World Is Not Just A Saying

Animated wlking zombie

Fire Frog
10 Hours

Amsterdam Polaroids - Jan 13 ~ Feb 17, 2018

Exhibit video for Bettie Ringma & Marc H. Miller's show at Stigter Van Doesburg Gallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Amsterdam Polaroids show


Bartkira Vol. 4 Illustrations (Pages 286-290)

Bartkira vol 4 cover
Bartkira vol 4 page 286 illustrations by Haoyan of America
Bartkira vol 4 page 287 illustrations by Haoyan of America
Bartkira vol 4 page 288 illustrations by Haoyan of America
Bartkira vol 4 page 289 illustrations by Haoyan of America
Bartkira vol 4 page 290 illustrations by Haoyan of America
Mosh pit during the The Ramones Show opening at the Queens Museum

Hey! Ho! Let’s Go: Ramones and the Birth of Punk

Curator Marc H. Miller approached me to produce an exhibiton video showcasing the Ramones' social media and web presence, on view at the Queens Museum April 10 - July 31, 2016

Chinese family
Dougman pixel art

To those who conquer I giveth hidden mana, and I giveth white stones, with new names that no one will know except those who receive it...

laptop displaying facsimile magazine

Facsimile Magazine

Published online and distributed under a creative commons license from Haoyan of America between 2007-2012, Facsimile Magazine was often abbreviated simply as Facsimile or Fax Mag.


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Rorschach tie-dye