Haoyan of America legacy websites on 80's Apple prototype computer

Haoyan of America
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98 Bowery, Area 17, Andrew Choate, AOL, Doug Aitken Workshop, Hilary Crisp, Jetset Studios, LA><ART, MySpace, No, Dear, Oak Studios, Take-Two Interactive, TypeCode, The Wall Street Journal...

Ma-Bi website on prototype Apple computer
Market Fresh site on prototype Apple computer Emephera Press site on prototype Apple computer
origami icosahedron
Site Leaf and Leaf Spaces logo concepts Onions and Onions logo concepts Coinspace.io banner
Langquage Makes Plastic of the Body poster No Dear Pants poster

Create Democracy

Selected work for Create Democracy in Newcastle upon Tyne, October, 2009. Photos from the exhibition on Flickr.

Ephemera for sale at Create Democracy exhibit
The Probable Impossibility of Democracy Democracy Taken for Granted Democracy on Mars Attendants at Create Democracy exhibit

Science Visualization

Science visualizations for NIST and other research organiztions, in partnership with Greg Kuebler.

Flicker photometer storyboard
Directed Self-Assembly circuits Resistive random-access memory Advanced Materials, June 19, 2012 inside cover

Bose-Einstein Condensate Visualization

Ion trap origami octahedron