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Haoyan of America

Welcome to Haoyan of America! Honoring the undiscovered self through invisible landscapes of meaning...

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Documenting stargates

Illustrations for Bartkira Vol. 4 (Pages 286-290)


Bartkira vol 4 cover Bartkira vol 4 page 286 illustrations by Haoyan of America Bartkira vol 4 page 287 illustrations by Haoyan of America Bartkira illustrations in black and white DeepDream Bartkira illustrations in color

Deep Dream Jellyfishing Trailer

Film in progress from Haoyan of America

Internet map of deep dreams #deepdream

Slomo Pals - High-speed Cinematography

Slomo Pals Slomo Pals on Nokia N-Gage
Brick Schoolhouse Star Trail, Rochester, NY Haoyan of America headquarters at New Prospect Motion tracking on friends in woods