Haoyan of America


George Floyd Protests at Barclays Center, Brooklyn
May 31, 2020
Jellyfishing in America

Better to light a single candle than to curse the darknets...


Cautious Clay looking at the camera from the Dying In The Subtlety video

Cautious Clay
Dying In The Subtlety

Nick McCarthy and Seb Kellig riding on doggy remote in The Nix's The Drop music video

The Nix ft. Khloe Anna
The Drop
Video by Haoyan of America + Alex Futtersak

Jesse and Nicky placing the Volcano of Dreams at the top of the stairs

Nicholas John
Nothing Like This Before ft. The Volcano of Dreams
CGI: Alex Futtersak

haoyan of america in chinese
Baited Area magazine

Interview with Adam Keith for Baited Area

Haoyan of America Google Arts & Culture matched with Christa Palazzolo's Cave Painting

Emily Brandt
A Man's World Is Not Just A Saying

Crumb Locket

🔎 🕵️
Analysis of Crumb’s Music Video: "Locket"
by ConsciousAlley
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VR Demo at MS245 The Computer School Behind the scenes of Cautious Clay Reasons music video production Haoyan of America (Chinese: 美国的浩研; pinyin: mĕiguó dí hàoyán)

The task that hinders your task is your task...

Melting smiley
Ubik spray can

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When the bird and the book disagree, always believe the bird 🦚