Haoyan of America

Haoyan of America

Edgertronic Showcase from Haoyan of America

Slomo Pets Jellyfishing in America QR Code Planet Earth

3d Printing for Jellyfishing in America, October 27, 2013

Jellyfishing in America 2014 Teaser

Work together, make stuff up? haoyanofamerica at gmail dot com

Face tracked friends in woods Magical musical thing girl
Blackberry splashdown in Lend Some Treats music video

Lend Some Treats (Official Music Video) on YouTube

Flicker photometer animated Gif Zombie walking animated Gif Escargot shell

Which way to Escargot Buffet you say?

Tim and Julia in All We All music video

All We All (Official Music Video) on YouTube

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Panorama Days

Spherical panoramas taken with Nikon Coolpix and Hugin. Los Angeles, New York and London (refresh for new environment).

Where in America?

Escargot shell