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Welcome to Haoyan of America! Honoring the undiscovered self through invisible landscapes of meaning...

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Normal Love - Lend Some Treats (The Definitive Cut)

Dan, Eleni and Noah taking a break during filming of Lend Some Treats Supermoon meld

Illustrations for Bartkira Vol. 4 (Pages 286-290)


Bartkira vol 4 cover Bartkira vol 4 page 286 illustrations by Haoyan of America Bartkira vol 4 page 287 illustrations by Haoyan of America
Bartkira illustrations in black and white DeepDream Bartkira illustrations in color Internet map of deep dreams #deepdream

Slomo Pals - High-speed Cinematography

Slomo Pals Slomo Pals on Nokia N-Gage
Brick Schoolhouse Star Trail, Rochester, NY Haoyan of America headquarters at New Prospect Motion tracking on friends in woods