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Haoyan of America
Directing, Cinematography, Editing

Honoring the mind of self through invisible landscapes of meaning...


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16mm, Hi8, VHS, VHS-C, Mini-DV (VX1000 + VX2000), GoPro, Canon + Nikon + Sony DSLRs, Edgertronic, FCP 7, FCP X, Premiere, After Effects...

Haoyan of America Cinematography Reel MMXIX

Raveena Aurora on stretcher in Headaches music video

Director: Raveena Aurora


Holy Fuck Free Gloss music video

Holy Fuck
Free Gloss

Catherine Elicson of Empath staring into laser globe

Roses That Cry

Julien Chang Memory Loss screenshot

Julien Chang
Memory Loss

Come Back Lucky Cat proo poster featuring Harry Yu and Vae Vae Chan

Come Back Lucky Cat
Director/Writer/Producer: Azumi Hasegawa

High-heels from Enid Ellen's TAKE IT OFF music video

Enid Ellen
Director: Moko Fukuyama
(High-Speed Cinematography)

Animated emojis depicting eye in pyramid Illuminati symbol

Cautious Clay

Nikki Jackson and David Patrick Kelly in Crumb's M.R. video

Starring David Patrick Kelly

Filming with Cautious Clay for Swim Home

Cautious Clay
Swim Home (Visualizer)

Graham Watling chasing after car

Graham Watling
I Got the Rhythm Section in my Hands
Director: Graham Watling

Lafcadio leaping

Nate Mercereau
This Simulation Is A Good One

Eliza fixing cassette tape

Granny Goes To Heaven
Hello My Hands

Test shot for Cautious Clay's Sidewinder video

Cautious Clay
CGI: Alex Futtersak

Yung Heazy instagram post with 666 likes, photo by Jack Perkins

Yung Heazy
Girl, I'll Take U Anywhere
feat. Larry Enticer

Justin and Caroline in Son Step's Pluto Chakras video

Son Step
Pluto Chakras
EFX: Jon Satrom

A bloodied up Carter McNeil takes a break on set of Ghost King's Buzzin

Ghost King

Cautious Clay with Buddha the owl, photo by Brian Karlsson

Cautious Clay

Noah Sparkes napping on Ikea bed in The Rad Trads' My Plcae video

The Rad Trads
My Place

Behind the scenes with Crumb during filming for Nina video

VFX: Alex Futtersak

Drone shot for Andrea VAlle's No More music video

Andrea Valle
No More
Director: Morian Thomas
(Aerial Photography)

Haoyan Razr


Joe Frank Movie, poster design by Haoyan of America

Joe Frank: Somewhere Out There

Azumi and Cole inspect a test tube in Confabulations

Symbiosis 2018
Co-Writer/Director: Begüm Aydin

Carter McNeil hanging with Booji Boy in Ghost King's Slither video

Ghost King

Jamie Brew being a guitar hero in Time Square for Botnik's I Don't Want To Be There video

Botnik feat. The Strokes
I Don't Want To Be There

Phoebe Legere as speedboat queen Joe Carstairs

Phoebe Legere
Our Own Private Island
Music by Phoebe Legere

Cole being engulfed by eternal flames in Meinschaft's The Midday Sun at Midnight video

The Midday Sun at Midnight

Behind the scenes during filming for Crumb's Locket video

VFX: Alex Futtersak

Graham Watling putting on a hat in Popurrí 2018 - (Ella es) La luna de Istanbul video

Graham Watling
Popurrí 2018 - (Ella es) La luna de Istanbul
Director: Graham Watling


Behind the scenes during animation production for o Space Shuttles Dream of Cosmic Sheep? video

Do Space Shuttles Dream of Cosmic Sheep?
Co-Writer/Director: Indigo Paul

Azumi and Cole jumping over Tyler Parkford in Mister Goonite's Old Enough video

Mister Goodnite
Old Enough

Saxophone rising from wetlands in Crumb's Bones video


Do Space Shuttles Dream of Cosmic Sheep? FCPX timeline
Graham Watling and Prego having a stare off in What You Gon' Do, Reservoir Dawgz? video

Graham Watling feat. Prego
What You Gon' Do, Reservoir Dawgz?
Director: Graham Watling


Cole filming Eliza's birth in Emanuel and the Fear's I Believe video

Emanuel and the Fear
I Believe

Pool party tug of war

Emanuel and the Fear
Holding On

Viewing targets through a sniper scope from Silence Is A True Friend Who Never Betrays short film by Haoyan of America

Silence Is A True Friend Who Never Betrays

Indigo arching her neck from Mister Goodnite's Adulteress video

Mister Goodnite
Adulteress (NSFW)

Fabergege singer Thom Lessner sitting in heart-shaped hot tub staring at reflective ceiling

Too Many Nights
Director: Thom Lessner

Xeno and Oaklander drone vantage

Xeno & Oaklander
Director: Lauryn Siegel
(Camera/Drone Operator)

2015 - 2012

iPhone splashing down into cereal bowl with milk, from Mini Mansion's Double Visions video

Mini Mansions
Double Visions

Diana Joy as FBI agent in White Suns' Prostrate video

White Suns
Director: Mouthguard88

Metal-mouthed Tim and Julia staring at their target from Emanuel and the Fear's All We All video

Emanuel and the Fear
All We All
DP: Dan Baker

Behind the scenes production still from Normal Love;s Lend Some Treats video

Normal Love
Lend Some Treats
DP: Dan Baker